Once you have mastered the basics of the CREST, the next step is to save and share your models with your colleagues and stakeholders within your local system. This guide tells you how.

Step 1: Create a model

Create a model and save it using the green 'Save this Model' button. You will see a list of all of your previously saved models under the 'Modelled Scenarios' heading on the Model page

Step 2: Copy Existing Models

Next to your saved models there are a handful of 'Action' buttons. These are 'View', 'Copy', 'Share', and 'Delete'. The 'Copy' button creates a duplicate of the model, allowing you to adjust the values without affecting the original

Step 3: Share

Use the 'Share' button if you wish to share this model with another organisation. Note that you can only share to organisations you currently have access to

Step 4: Select the organisation to share with

Press the 'Share' button. Select the desired organisation from the dropdown box and press Share. Note that this box will also show you any organisations the model has already been shared with

Step 5: Accepting the Shared Model

After sharing a model, the intended organisation's Administrator will receive a notification prompting them to accept the shared model. They will then be able to access your model - any changes they make will not affect your original model however