How to Use the Outputs of the Model

Here we explain some of the practical applications of the CREST and how others have found it beneficial

Step 1: What do the figures mean?

Your created models will present you with a chart and a data table, containing the following items - Average Wait (Days), Breaches per Month, % Breaches, and % Utilisation. The breach figures represent the anticipated number of breaches you can expect each month (both as a number and a %). Average Wait (Days) represents how long each referral can expect to wait for an appointment on average. % Utilisation is the percentage of your available resources being used to meet the specified demand

Step 2: Adjust and Compare

Use the 'Adjusted Values' fields to increase/decrease your base values and press Run Adjustments. These will generate a second set of lines on the chart allowing you to easily see the impact these changes would have on your service

Step 3: Make change within your service

Use these figures to adapt your available resources to better meet the needs of your anticipated activity

Step 4: Example Scenarios

For examples of potential scenarios you could use this tool for, please see the 'What can I use the tool for?' page under the 'About' section of the website