Adjusted / Test Values
Adjusted service information allowing you to see the impact on your resources
Annual Referrals
Your anticipated number of accepted referrals for the scenario year
Average Appointments per Referral
Average number of contacts per patient before discharge
Average Wait (Days)
How long your patients will be expected to wait for an available appointment
Base Values
Your service information without any adjustments. Think of this as your default situation
Breach Threshold
Target percentage of patients that are seen within the target wait time
Breaches per Month
How many of your expected patients anticipated to breach each month
Children and Young People’s Mental Health Referral System Management Tool
DNA Rate
The percentage of planned appointments that result in a 'did not attend'
Growth Scenario
A percentage applied to the referral figures within the modelling to account for anticipated changes in volume
Maximum Available Appointments (Weekly)
The highest number of weekly appointments to be modelled (also acts as the maximum value on chart x-axis and data table)
Minimum Available Appointments (Weekly)
The lowest number of weekly appointments to be modelled (also acts as the minimum value on chart x-axis and data table)
The name given to the plan you are working on
The service model you are planning, e.g. a learning disability service for the coming year
Name of service(s) to be modelled
Surge Tool
A tool to help estimate the extent of a backlog following pandemic interruption, and assess the subsequent impact of the expected 'surge' in referrals
Target Wait Time
Target number of days for a patient to be seen after referral
The percentage of your available resources used to meet the requirements specified in your model