I've seen other Demand and Capacity tools, what is the difference between them?

CReST takes a strategic approach to demand and capacity modelling, and is very much focused on children and young people's mental health. With minimal data burden, it provides high-level analysis to consider complex questions such as "how many appointments or short-term available beds do I need to tackle my waiting list backlog?", "I am thinking of implementing a new service, how might I resource that?" or "I am completing an expression of interest for some transformation funds, what would be the impact of that funding for my local population?".

This differs from the NHS England and NHS Improvement Demand and Capacity core resources. The Demand and Capacity team have a range of resources across various sectors, not just mental health. They provide a very detailed approach to demand and capacity which offers a great depth of granularity. Their analysis takes into account staffing models and working patterns which can be extremely beneficial for Providers who wish to understand that level of detail within their organisation.

In short, their work is focussed more at an operational level and the CReST works best at a strategic level.