I am thinking of implementing a new service, how might I resource that?

So, you need an idea of:

  • How many children and young people you expect to be referred in to your new service


  • How many appointments/contacts each child or young person will subsequently have.

With these two pieces of information, alongside your breach limits/thresholds for wait-time – i.e. 95% of referrals seen for first appointment within 28 days – you can derive an estimate of how many weekly contacts you will need to offer, to manage all your referrals within your specified wait-time.

Let’s imagine a THRIVE ‘Getting Help’ type service. Recent research tells us that these services have an average of 6.9 contacts per completed pathway. Let’s also imagine that we are anticipating receiving 360 referrals through the year.

If we can offer 52 appointments each week then this should ensure that we see 95% of referred Children and Young People for a first appointment within 4 weeks