The Children & Young People's Referral Management System Tool (CReST) is a demand and capacity tool, initially designed for Children and Young People's Mental Health pathways however can be applied across wider health and care sector pathways and services.

CReST is a user friendly and easily accessible online tool. Through inputting basic information, CReST provides valuable insight into what services can look like in terms of what capacity is needed to meet the needs of patient populations. The outputs can also support operational and strategic planning for new and improved pathways with improved waiting times for service users and patients as well as inform commissioning decisions at Integrated Care System level. 

CReST can help you to: 
- Model and create scenarios for services and pathways simultaneously by uploading their service data using the template provided. 
- Deliver customisable management reports including charts and data tables. 
- And model a 12-month forward view, considering potential emerging backlog.

The team at CReST is proud to be the winner of the ‘Innovation in Mental Health’ award at the Health Business Awards 2022. The team (NHS South, Central and West commissioned by NHS England) are honoured to be recognised for the achievements and progress made in improving the overall experience and care of mental health patients. 

Our dedicated CReST team can also offer one to one modelling support, bespoke demos and host live webinars to guide users on how to use the tool. 

If you have any queries on CReST, please reach the team on:


Upcoming news and events:
Our next Introductory Webinar will be held on Thursday 16th February 2023 at 12pm
This webinar will be available for all users to attend virtually plus we will be demonstrating our latest developments on the CReST team. If you are a CReST user (beginner, intermediate or advanced level) and wish to attend, please drop us an email:
Watch our latest animation detailing what CReST is and how it can help your service achieve improved demand and capacity:

An introduction to CReST modelling tool

NHS England have commissioned NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit, experts in mental health and health data, to produce this resource for the benefits of patients and the NHS.
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